Monday, April 2, 2012

Academic Advising Overview for Fashion Merchandising Majors (FMR.AAS)

The Academic Advising Center is continuing a new project which will allow students to receive an overview of the requirements of their declared major. In so doing, the Center hopes to utilize the electronic resources at its disposal to provide our students with another method of the best possible academic advising in as efficient a way as possible. This Electronic Advising Packet is for the Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management  (FMR.AAS) Degree.

ENG 121 and 122
MAT 101
CSC 105
Physical Education (1 credit) or Health Education (3 credits)
GE Humanities or Social Science Elective
BUS 101
ACC 101 and 102 (prerequisite of ACC 101)
ECO 201 (prerequisite of MAT 013)
SPE 121
FMR 201 (prerequisite/corequisite of BUS 101; recommended for Fall)
FMR 202 (recommended for Fall)
BUS 201
MKT 201 (prerequisite of BUS 101)
FMR 207 recommended for Spring)
MKT 143
FMR 204 (prerequisites of BUS 101, FMR 201, FMR 202, FMR 207, MKT 143, and MKT 201--corequisite of FMR 206; recommended for the final Spring semester)
FMR 206 (Senior status or permission of Deparment Chairperson; recommended for the final Spring semester)  
GE Science Requirement

Not all courses are offered every semester both day and evening. Please call 732.906.2594 to discuss course offerings for future semesters.

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