Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Filing an Appeal to Take a Course for More Than a Third Time

Many students are visiting the Academic Advising Center to request an appeal to take a course for more than a third time.

When discussing this situation with an advisor, please be ready to consider several important issues.
  • Why were you unsuccessful the first three times? Were you working too many hours? Were you not visiting the Tutoring Center for assistance? Were you unable to balance your academic responsibilities with those of your personal life?
  • Why will you be successful this time? Why will it be different this time? Are you willing to reduce your course load if the advisor asks you to do so? Are you willing to reduce your work hours? Are you ready to seek additional assistance through the Tutoring Center or through student-led study groups?

These issues should be analyzed and discussed in the appeal you will submit to the advisor prior to your discussion with him/her. If the advisor believes the appeal is not in your best academic interest, he/she will indicate so in your conversation rather than in denying a written appeal from you.