Saturday, August 25, 2012

Information for Late Financial Aid Applicants

A Guide for Financial Aid Late Applicants

If you have missed the priority filing date for your aid application, you may still apply for financial aid. You should complete all filing requirements as soon as possible. Please keep the following in mind:

• Late applicants will be reviewed only after all on-time, completed applicants have been reviewed.

• Your award notice (available in Campus Cruiser/ Web Advisor) may not be ready until after your tuition & fees are due;

• Blue Colt Bookstore credit authorization will not be available until your financial aid file is complete;

• Certain types of financial aid may no longer be available by the time your application is processed.

Are you a late applicant?

You are a late applicant if you want to use financial aid to pay your bill and it is after:

• July 15 and you want to start classes during the fall semester (September);

• December 1 and you want to start classes during the spring semester (January);

• April 1 and you want to start during the summer semester (June).

We strongly recommend late applicants apply online at to be sure that your financial aid will be completed on time. Select “Entering a FAFSA online” and then the “Fill out a FAFSA” option.

Late Applicants should follow these instructions:

• If you do not have a Personal Identification Number (PIN), go to to request one. If you are required to report parental income, one parent must also request a PIN.

• Complete the paper application or the application worksheet (available at and then enter your application at

• Your financial aid award will be posted to your account and you may check your award online (Campus Cruiser /Web Advisor to ‘View your Financial Aid Award’).

• CAUTION: You may be selected for verification. Please refer to Campus Cruiser /Web Advisor to view ‘My Documents’. If you do not have copies of your tax transcripts, order a free copy now from the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

What can I do right now? You may fill out a payment option plan for the Fall semester that begins Tuesday ,September 4th or enroll in our Fall II program that begins on Monday, September 24th or 2nd 7 week sessions that begin on Monday, October 29th .

For your convenience payment option plan forms are available on line.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Financial Aid Office at