Monday, November 28, 2011

Prof. Heller and some of the Great Courses of the Visual, Performing, and Media Arts Department--Spring 2012

There are some great creative courses still out there seeking students from ALL majors---thought we’d put out a personal announcement and say, “Where are you?”

What’s available? Read on…


For students interested in performance THE 132-73 ACTING II is open. With the Chairperson’s permission you may be able to enroll if you have some theatre experience, even without having taken Acting I yet. Perfect studio course for Education majors.

For students interested in Musicals, try THE 152 American Musical Theatre. See some new musicals, and take this one time only opportunity to study with Jess K. Smith, NYC director, as she puts a new spin on this course. Guaranteed to dazzle!

THE 146 Play Production. Help work on designs for our plays. Learn the backstage elements which go into set design. Work with a great crew, meet the actors, directors, and other theatre professionals that make a performance possible.


ART 150 Mixed Media will open your eyes to the art of collage. Taught by an expert in collage art.

ART 109 Drawing. No experience? No problem! This drawing course will teach you the basics. Perfect studio course for Education majors. You will see progress!

ART 220 Graphic Arts Contemporary. This printmaking course will teach you how to make multiple prints on a press from your original ideas. Create an edition!

ART110 Figure Drawing Draw from a live model. Learn basics of anatomy and how to depict the human figure using a variety of art media. Perfect for Education majors.

ART 115 Survey of Non-Western ART This seminar style course has been redisgned by a terrific professor. Satisfies the GE HUM requirement. Try as an alternative to the larger art history courses.

QUESTIONS? Contact ME, Prof. Heller, Chairperson VPMA at 732-906-2589