Thursday, September 23, 2010

Advising Guidelines for SSD Students and Their Instructors (for use during SSD Advising Week)

SSD students and their instructors will embark on a new venture this semester. Working in their classrooms, they will strive to construct their upcoming registration schedules. Instructors will have attended a special training session to assist in advising their students and students will view a tutorial in their classroom in preparation for creating their schedules. This entry in the Advising Center's blog will be an extra resource for those sessions for both students and instructors. You can click Curriculum Checksheets to access the requirements for various degrees. This entry will cover the following areas:

Developmental Course Sequences

RDG 009--- >RDG 011--->Developmental Reading Complete
ENG 009---->ENG 010--->ENG 121
MAT 010A--->MAT 010B--->MAT 013--->MAT 014 or BUS 115 or MAT 101 (depends on major)
MAT 010---->MAT 013--->MAT 014 or BUS 115 or MAT 101 (depends on major)
MAT 009/013A--->MAT 013B--->MAT 014 or BUS 115 or MAT 101 (depends on major)
MAT 009/013--->MAT 014 or BUS 115 or MAT 101 (depends on major)

Requirements for Liberal Arts
All Liberal Arts students have the following courses in common:

  • ENG 121 and 122

  • HIS 121 and 122

  • SPE 121

  • One credit PED or three credit HED course

  • Two semesters of a foreign language sequence

  • Two GE Social Science courses (remember that some courses have prerequisites)

  • One GE Humanities course (remember that some courses have prerequisites)

  • One GE Diversity course (remember that some courses have prerequisites)

  • CSC 105 or 106

  • One Divisional elective

  • One GE Math, One GE Science, and one more course that is either GE Math or GE Science (Please note that LA Business students should consider two GE Math classes and that all these classes have prerequisites)

Requirements for Criminal Justice

Requirements for Business Majors

Business majors come in many forms at MCC. They can be Business Administration (BUS.AS) or Liberal Arts Business (LABUS.AA) or Accounting (ACC.AAS) or Marketing (MKT.AAS) or Managment (MGT.AAS) or Small Business (SBUS.AAS) What do these majors have in common? These majors all need the following courses:

  • ACC 101 and 102

  • ECO 201 and 202 (MAT 013 is the prerequisite for ECO 201)

  • SPE 121

Education Practitioner Majors

There are many EDPR majors at MCC. Designed to transfer to Kean University, click the link which best applies to the age group you want to teach. The checksheets are provided by the Department of Counseling and Career Services in Edison Hall 100.

Enrollment Sequences for Selected Majors

Several majors at MCC have "course sequences." This means that students, as best as possible, should enroll for these courses in the same semester because future courses in the major require these courses as prerequisites. The course sequences never override the need for developmental courses, however. Not all courses are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters.

  • Hotel-Motel Managment (HRIH.AAS) and Restaurant/Foodservice Management (HRIR.AAS) have a sequence of HRI 101, HRI 103, and HRI 208.

  • Culinary Arts Management (HRIC.AAS) has a sequence of HRI 103 and HRI 208.

  • Media Arts/Professional Photography (MADPH.AAS) and Media Arts/Advertising Graphic Arts (MADAD.AAS) have a sequence of MAD 107, MAD 113, and MAD 117.

  • Paralegal Studies (PL.AAS) has a sequence of PLS 100, PLS 101, and PLS 113. Remember that PLS 101 has ENG 121 as a corequisite/prerequisite.

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