Monday, October 25, 2010

Developmental Courses and Their Importance for Registration

There has been some confusion about developmental courses and how they relate to a student's registration. Here is the statement about developmental courses taken from the College catalog:

Full-time students must satisfactorily complete all required developmental courses in the first two semesters of study. If a student's major requires a second level of algebra, one semester will be added to the time allowed for completion. Appropriate level developmental courses are taken in sequence, and all areas must be addressed each semester until all are completed. Students who are required to include developmental courses may carry no more than a combined total of 15 credits or credit equivalents. Students who wish to take more than 15 credits may do so only by submitting an appeal to the Academic Advising Center, located in Chambers Hall.

It is important to note that students cannot choose to defer a developmental course. For example, if a student needs RDG 011 and ENG 010, the student cannot register for RDG 011 and a course other than ENG 010.

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