Saturday, September 4, 2010

How Do Full-Time Students Receive Their Advisor?

All full-time MCC students and all part-time MCC Nursing and Dental Hygience students have an assigned advisor. Have you ever wondered how you receive your assigned advisor?

The students in the Nursing and Dental Hygiene programs are assigned their advisors by the departments so those advisor-advisee connections are manually entered into the College's database. All other faculty members are assigned advising areas based primarily on the department in which they teach. In some instances, faculty members are assigned advising areas outside their department if the needs of full-time students in well-populated majors require such action.

After these advisor areas are established in the database, a rapid "batch assigning" occurs which assigns between 25-30 advisees to each advisor. If the faculty members within a major reach their limit of 25-30, the remaining students in that major area are assigned the chairperson as their advisor. This "batch assigning" starts a few weeks before the beginning of each semester and continues each day until it ends during the second week of the semester. If a student adds a course after that date to become full-time, he/she will not receive an assigned advisor. As of this blog posting, all but 20 students have their assigned advisor and those names can be seen in students' WebAdvisor accounts.

The system is designed to assign students to their previous semester's advisor. However, if a student has changed his/her major or delayed registering until the latter point of the registration cycle, the previous advisor-advisee connection will be lost.

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