Thursday, September 26, 2013

Academic Advising Overview for Media Arts Advertising Graphic Design (MADAD.AAS) Majors

The Academic Advising Center is continuing a new project which will allow students to receive an overview of the requirements of their declared major. In so doing, the Center hopes to utilize the electronic resources at its disposal to provide our students with another method of the best possible academic advising in as efficient a way as possible. This Electronic Advising Packet is for the Media Arts Advertising Graphic Design (MADAD.AAS) Degree.

Please also take a few moments to complete this assessment of the Electronic Advising Packet so that the Academic Advising Center can gain insight into its effectiveness.

CSC 105--Computer Applications and Systems

ENG 121--English Composition I

MAD 107--Photography I
MAD 113--Two -Dimensional Design
MAD 117--Freehand Drawing

Physical Education (one credit) OR Health Education (three credits)

ART 104--History of Photography OR
ART 124--Art History:Renaissance to Modern OR
ART 125--Art History:Modern and Contemporary

ENG 122--English Composition II (prerequisite of ENG 121 with a minimum grade of "C")

MAD 108--Photography II (prerequisite of MAD 107)
MAD 114--Three--Dimensional Design (prerequisite of MAD 113 and MAD 117)
MAD 118--Graphic Design Skills (prerequisite of MAD 113 and MAD 117)

BUS 101--Business Organization and Management OR
SBM 120--Small Business Administration (Students who take SBM 120 need special permission to enroll in MKT203)

AGD 213--Typography (prerequisites--all required MAD courses)
AGD 219--Digital Graphics (prerequisites--all required MAD courses)

GE Math or GE Science (3 credits)

GE Humanities Elective OR GE Social Science Elective

AGD 212--Advertising Design (prerequisites--all required MAD courses)
AGD 214--Print Production  (prerequisites--all required MAD courses)
AGD 280--Portfolio (prerequisites--all required MAD courses) (prerequisites/corequisites--6 credits of AGD courses or permission of department chairperson)

MKT 143--Salesmanship OR MKT 203--Principles of Advertising (prerequisite of BUS 101)

GE Social Science Elective

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