Saturday, April 2, 2011

Academic Advising Overview for Criminal Justice--Correction Option Majors (CJC.AS)

The Academic Advising Center is embarking on a new project which will allow students to receive an overview of the requirements of their declared major. In so doing, the Center hopes to use the various electronic resources at its disposal to provide our students with the best possible academic advising as efficiently as possible. Criminal Justice (Correction Option) is one of the most popular majors at MCC. Some of the Criminal Justice (Correction Option) requirements are similar to other majors:
Criminal Justice has other specific requirements:

  • CJU 123 and CJU 124

  • SOC 121 and SOC 140

  • PSY 123 and PSY 222 (either PSY 123 or SOC 121 is the prerequisite to PSY 222)

  • COR 201 (CJU 123 is the corequisite or prerequisite to COR 201)

  • COR 207 (CJU 123 is the corequisite or prerequisite to COR 207)

  • COR 280 or POL 204

  • CSC 105

  • POS 201 and 220

  • Either SOC 225 or POS 231 (either POS 121 or POS 201 or POS 220 is the prerequisite to POS 231)

Criminal Justice has one feature, however, that makes it unique among MCC majors. Students must complete two GE Mathematics courses or two GE four-credit science courses. Please note that this is an either/or situation and that if the science option is chosen, the GE sciences must be four-credit courses. If the math sequence is chose, the College recommends MAT 123 and 124.

Please make an appointment with a transfer counselor in the Department of Counseling and Career Services for any questions about the ability of CJCto transfer. For additional questions please email the Academic Advising Center at .

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