Thursday, October 29, 2015

Two Global Studies Classes (GLS 121 and GLS 123)

GLS 121  Global Studies

GE Diversity This course is designed to introduce the student to the concepts and key questions concerning globalization . The objective of this course is to survey multiple disciplinary perspectives on such aspects of globalization as the global economy, politics, transnational migration,global-local connections and the impact of globalization on the entire world. The positive and negative consequences of globalization will be explored. Students will examine such issues as : social justice and the extent to which globalization is a force for economic growth and democratization or a contributor to economic inequality and the suppression of basic human rights.

GLS 123  Global Terrorism 
Terrorism as a political tool will be examined through a comprehensive study of international terrorism and the problems confronting the global world as it tries to formulate and implement strategies to combat terrorism. This course will focus on the definition of terrorism within its social contexts and will examine the juxtaposition of terrorists and counter-terrorists as they interact.A section of the course will deal with the psychology of terrorists; explorations of changes in terrorism across the globe will be explored with the focus on Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and other areas. Homeland security options and the future of terrorism will be examined.

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