Friday, October 10, 2014

Academic Advising Overview for Culinary Arts Majors

The Academic Advising Center has undertaken a new project which will allow students to receive an overview of the requirements of their declared major. In so doing, the Center hopes to utilize the electronic resources at its disposal to provide our students with the best possible academic advising as efficiently as possible. This Electronic Advising Packet is for the Culinary Arts Management Degree.

HCD 102 Food and Cooking Fundamentals (prerequisite or corequisite of HCD 104)
HCD 104 Hospitality Technologies

HCD 108 Foodservice Sanitation

ENG 121 English I

MAT 101 Freshman Mathematics I (prerequisite of MAT 101)

CSC 105  Computer Applications and Systems

HCD 112 Quantity Food Production and Menu Design (prerequisite of HCD 102 and prerequisite or corequisite of HCD 108)

HCD 114 Professional Culinary Techniques (prerequisite of HCD 102)

HCD 124 Food Business Research and Planning

ENG 122 English Composition II (prerequisite of ENG 121)

PED or HED elective

HCD 106 Baking Fundamentals

HCD 206 Food Purchasing and Cost Controls (prerequisite or corequisite of HCD 104 and prerequisite of HCD 102)

HCD 216 Beverage Management

General Education Humanities Elective

HCD 130 Garde Manger (prerequisite of HCD 102)

HCD 230 Banquet and Dining Room Management (prerequisite of HCD 108 and HCD 112)

HCD elective

General Education Science Elective

PSY 123 Introductory Psychology

HCD 225 (Culinary Arts Externship Summer Session; prerequisite of HCD 102, HCD 104, HCD 108, and HCD 112)

Please make an appointment with a transfer counselor in the Department of Counseling and Career Services for any questions about transferring this degree to the college/university of your choice.

For additional questions, please email the Academic Advising Center at

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