Monday, April 8, 2013

Academic Advising Overview for Computer Science Network Administration and Support (CSNN.AAS) Majors

The Academic Advising Center is continuing a new project which will allow students to receive an overview of the requirements of their declared major. In so doing, the Center hopes to utilize the electronic resources at its disposal to provide our students with another method of the best possible academic advising in as efficient a way as possible. This Electronic Advising Packet is for the Computer Science Network Administration and Support (CSNN.AAS) Degree.

Please also take a few moments to complete this assessment of the Electronic Advising Packet so that the Academic Advising Center can gain insight into its effectiveness.

CSC 105 or 106 (CSC 106 has prerequisites of MAT 014 and CSC 105 or CSC 107 or one year of high school applications or a programming course) 

CSC 133--Introduction to Computer Science Using C++  (prerequisite of MAT 014)

ENG 121

MAT 116 (College Algebra) or MAT 129 (Precalculus) or MAT 129A and MAT 129B

GE Social Science elective

CSC 110--Microcomputer Operating Systems and Architecture (prerequisite of CSC 105 or CSC 106)

CSC 208--Visual BASIC Programming (prerequisite of CSC 106 or CSC 133 or CSC 161)

CSC 116--Introduction to Information Systems Security (prerequisite of CSC 105 or CSC 106)

ENG 122 (prerequisite of ENG 121)

MAT 123 (Statistics I) or MAT 131 or MAT 131A and MAT 131B--Analytic Geometry and Calculus I

CSC 200--Networking Technologies (prerequisite of CSC 110)

CSC 245--UNIX and Shell Programming (prerequsite of CSC 133 or CSC 161)

CSC 251--Windows Workstation Administration (prerequisite of CSC 200)

Physical Education (one credit) or Health Education (three credits)

Technical Elective (Choose one course from the following--CSC 126, CSC 127, CSC 205, CSC 206, CSC 258, CSC 261, CSC 134, CSC 211, CSC 230, CSC 235, CSC 241, MAT 132)

CSC 239--Database Concepts (prerequsite of CSC 133 or CSC 161)

CSC 246--UNIX and Web Server Administration (prerequisite of CSC 245)

CSC 248--PC Service and Support (prerequsite of CSC 134 or CSC 162)

CSC 252--Windows Server Administration

GE Humanities Elective

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