Thursday, December 6, 2012

Academic Advising Overview for Criminal Justice--Police Science Option (CJP.AS)

The Academic Advising Center wants students to receive an overview of the requirements of their declared major. This Electronic Advising Packet is for the Criminal Justice--Police Science Option (CJP.AS)

ENG 121
ENG 122 (prerequisite of ENG 121)

General Education Humanities Elective
General Education Humanities Elective

General Education Math Elective (MAT 123 recommended)
General Education Science Elective (must be 4-credits)
General Education Technology Elective CSC 105 or CSC 106

PSY 123   Introduction to Psychology
SOC 121  Introduction to Sociology
POS 201  United States State and Local Government

POS 220  United States National Government

1-credit PED or 3-credit HED
CJU 123  Criminal Justice I

CJU 124  Criminal Justice II (prerequisite of CJU 123)
POL 201  Police Administration (prerequisite or corequisite of CJU 123)
POL 202  Police Operations (prerequisite or corequisite of CJU 123) 
POL 204  Law Enforcement and Community (prerequisite or corequisite of CJU 123)
POS 231  Constitutional Law (prerequisite of POS 121 or POS 201 or POS 220)
SOC 140  Introduction to Criminology
SOC 225  Juvenile Delinquency

PSY 222  Social Psychology (prerequisite of SOC 121 or PSY 123) or
SOC 131 Contemporary Social Problems

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