Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What is Non-Compliance?

Some students may receive an email notifying them that their schedule was adjusted due to Non-Compliance. Here is a brief overview of this academic situation.

If you were unsuccessful in a developmental course, the course that comes after it (RDG 011 after RDG 009, for example) cannot be taken. The unsuccessful course must be repeated. Please remember that a developmental course receiving a "D" must be repeated.

Additionally, ENG 121 and 122 both need a grade of at least a "C" for graduation. A student cannot register for ENG 122 if he/she received a "D" in ENG 121.

Most students are confused about the prerequisite for MAT 129 (Precalculus). Students can take the one-semester version (MAT 129) if they receive a grade of "B" or higher in MAT 014. However, a grade of "C" or "C+" or "B-" in MAT 014 places the student in MAT 129A (the two-semester version).

Students were notified of Non-Compliance on January 3 and were told to adjust their schedules by January 13. If the schedule was not changed by that date, the incorrect course was deleted from the schedule.

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