Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fall 2012 Honors Course Information


If you have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, have 12 or more college credits AND have completed all developmental coursework, you may qualify to take an Honors course at MCC! (Note: Students with a GPA of 3.25-3.49 may be eligible to take a single Honors course with a professor's recommendation)
Fall 2012 Honors course offerings include:

BIO 105H: Heredity, Evolution and Society (Honors)
ENG 253H: Mythology in Literature (Honors)
MAT 131H: Calculus I (Honors)
POS 225H: American Political Thought (Honors)
SOC 121H: Introduction to Sociology (Honors)

There are MANY advantages to taking Honors courses and NO additional risk. Honors courses do not involve more work nor are they graded any differently. Honors courses encourage a higher level of learning, stand out on your transcript, transfer just as well as non-Honors courses and enhance chances for admission into the 4-year schools. Additionally, students earn grades in Honors courses comparable to those they earn in non-Honors courses. There are also many extra features, such as an exclusive Honors Student study lounge, field trips, guest speakers and social events all at NO EXTRA COST! Students may also complete one of several Honors Options upon admission into the Honors Program.

For further information and registration assistance, please contact either Mathew Spano at or Donna-Marie Gardner at .

Friday, March 16, 2012

Great Second Year English Courses

Great 2nd-Year English Courses—Fall 2012

Have you completed ENG 122 and are still looking for an elective? 2nd-Year English courses are like $$$$ in the bank for ALL majors! Impress employers by developing your critical thinking and cultural literacy as well as your analytical, linguistic, and research skills—all while enjoying some of the world’s literary masterpieces. Courses transfer well and many satisfy GE or elective requirements. Seats are still available and YOU ARE INVITED to join the adventure! Register today! To determine which of these courses are GE Humanities electives, click here.

What’s available? Read on…

ENG 205: Introduction to Journalism
ENG 206: Journalism Workshop
ENG 212: Children's Literature
ENG 214: Journalism/Writing Field Experience
ENG 221: English Literature I
ENG 225: World Literature I
ENG 226: World Literature II
ENG 227: Literature of Black America
ENG 233: Introduction to the Novel
ENG 234: Introduction to Shakespeare
ENG 235: Creative Writing I
ENG 236: Creative Writing II
ENG 241: Feature Writing
ENG 243: Literature of the U.S.: Beg.-1880
ENG 244: Literature of the U.S.: 1880-1945
ENG 253H: Mythology in Literature (Honors)
ENG 254: Literature and Film
ENG 255: Introduction to Film
ENG 262: Cinema History
ENG 264: Survey of American Cinema

Questions? Contact the English Dept. at 732-906-2591.