Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Common Web Registration Difficulties

Over the past several weeks, advisors have both met and spoken with students who have encountered some common web registration difficulties. This posting can address several themes that have emerged and assist you in your web registration questions.

  • If you are on Academic Probation or Academic Restriction, you must meet with an academic advisor to have your hold lifted.
  • If your schedule includes developmental courses, an advisor must also lift your hold to allow you to register through your WebAdvisor account.
  • Students registering for CSC 106 have learned they cannot web register. An advisor must determine your math placement and gauge your proficiency in Microsoft Office to sign your Registration Form for a manual registration.
  • Students have learned they cannot register to repeat a course for which they are currently registered. An advisor need to sign your Registration Form in this instance.

If you have any other questions or difficulties, please visit the Advising Center during its regular business hours or email the Center, through your CampusCruiser portal account, at advising@middlesexcc.edu.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

As the Semester Winds Down...What Can I Do Next?

The onset of Thanksgiving week is a sure sign that the Fall semester has approached its home stretch. The deadline to drop a class has come and gone and you may be wondering how you can approach these final weeks of the semester. You may find this post in the Advising Center blog useful.

  • Do you need some tutoring help for your classes? For information, click Tutoring Center for additional information.
  • Would you like assistance in selecting your Spring 2011 classes? Visit the Advising Center web site or read through the MCC Guide to Self-Advising.
  • Do you need to review the Spring 2011 schedule? Click here.
  • Would you like quicker access to WebAdvisor's Degree Evaluation feature to determine your path toward graduation? Click here.
  • Unsure of your next registration and want to do some research about what you may need? Click quick tips for more information.
  • Please remember that developmental courses need a "C" or higher for completion. You cannot defer taking a developmental course during a semester.